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The Value Inspection Program

Did you know that each year fires cost businesses like yours more than $10 billion in property damage and injure more than 17,000 workers? Staying current with required fire protection equipment inspections will reduce your risk of loss to your business.

Cintas Fire Protection Services ensure that your facility is properly equipped to face a fire emergency and compliant with all applicable regulatory code. Our exclusive Value Inspection Program provides the ultimate value in fire protection along with a compliance guarantee for added peace of mind.

Our Cintas Fire Protection Experts proudly service the Jacksonville, Saint Augustine, Orange Park and surrounding areas.

Fire Extinguisher Service

Fire extinguisher with Cintas inspection tag

Portable fire extinguishers are your first line of defense. A fully charged and properly maintained fire extinguisher can help minimize damage to your business and injuries to your employees and customers.

Our monthly inspections, annual maintenance and expert hazard assessment keep your equipment operational and ensure you have the right extinguisher where you need it. Our Portable Route Computers keep a running log of your equipment, documenting inspection on every unit and keeping you compliant.

Emergency Lighting Service

Cintas technician inspecting emergency lighting

Emergency lighting inspections involve more than a "push test". Neglecting to get your emergency lights tested and inspected puts you at increased risk of fines for code noncompliance, preventable injuries and resulting lawsuits.

Cintas technicians follow a stringent process to ensure all lights are compliant with OSHA and NFPA Life Safety Code, including a "90-minute burn" test of battery integrity and part replacement when necessary.

Fire Suppression Systems

Cintas technician repairing fire suppression system

Cintas' kitchen fire suppression installation and service maintains your system so it acts as it is designed - effectively and reliably and in compliance with the UL 300 standard. Cintas Fire Protection will design, install and routinely inspect your kitchen fire suppression system.

In some cases, conventional fire suppression methods can cause as much or more damage than the fire itself. Cintas Fire Protection installs and services Special Hazard Suppression systems designed to detect and suppress fires in seconds, so your most indispensable resources are safe from fire, smoke and water damage.

Fire Extinguisher Training

Your fire extinguishers are only as effective as the people using them. Cintas' OSHA compliant Fire Extinguisher Training will help ensure that your employees have the confidence and skills necessary to take action should a fire occur at your facility.

Sprinkler System Service

Fire sprinkler head

Fires can spread with startling speed. An approved, well-maintained sprinkler system will slow down a fire's progress until emergency personnel arrive.

Cintas technicians can install, repair, test and maintain your sprinkler system to comply with NFPA standards, as well as federal, state and local codes specific to your business.

Fire Alarm Systems

Cintas close up of fire alarm

Cintas fire service technicians will perform regularly scheduled maintenance and testing on every alarm system on your premises, maximizing safety and keeping you in compliance with NFPA 72, as well as federal, state and local codes specific to your business.

Cintas offers 24-hour alarm monitoring and emergency service, including standard hard-line monitoring and the faster, more reliable CintasNet wireless fire alarm monitoring.

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Contact a Cintas Fire Protection Representative for a no-obligation survey of your facility to assess your fire safety needs and institute the measures that will keep your business and employees out of harm's way.

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